spray tan

Spray Tanning Solution by Salon Professions, Norvell sunless spray Each product is formulated to deliver not only a Just off the Beach™ natural tan, but a healthy skin treatment as well.

What is a custom spray tan?

A custom spray tan is a 1-on-1, personalized, spray tanning session with a professional sunless technician. The spray tech, using a high-pressure spray gun, will apply sunless solution to the areas you desire during your scheduled session. Sessions often include full-body application, legs only, or facial sprays.

By allowing a professional to apply the spray solution you can ensure a flawless even application, especially on hard to reach areas such as the back. Sunless sessions usually takes around 15-20 minutes (this includes drying time) and results can be expected to last 5-7 days.

Benefits of a spray tan

Maintain a healthy, natural, golden glow anywhere and anytime.

Provides a smooth, streak-free, even application, It can also even out skin imperfections, minimize the appearance of stretch marks & varicose veins.

Perfect for special occasions, spa parties, bridal parties, prior to vacations or last minute tanning.



You should exfoliate well the day before your tan in order to remove any dead skin cells (this will help prolong your tan). If you shave or wax, this should also be done before the day of your tan. Do not wear deodorants, make up, perfume or any lotions on your skin on day of your spray tan as these can act as a barrier to the tanning solution.

What to wear

When you arrive for your spray tan, it is recommended to wear normal, loose fitting clothing dark in color. Do not wear tight clothing such as spandex that may rub your skin and remove the spray tan before it has a chance to settle in. If you'd like to wear a bathing suit for your spray tan session, make sure it’s dark in color.


Just wear loose dark clothing and do not shower for up-to 24hrs as this can remove some of the tan before it has had a chance to develop. The first night, it is best to wear pyjamas or baggy loose clothing in order to prevent disturbing your developing tan and to protect your sheets (solution is water based and will wash out of clothing and sheets).

Avoid soaking in the baths. Avoid swimming pools

Moisturize every day (preferably twice a day ) in order to keep your skin and tan in tip top condition. We offer tan extenders for purchase, ask a sales associate for more details.

Spray Tan FAQ's

You can wear as much or as little as you like. For men we would suggest dark swim thinks or boxer shorts. For women, a dark bikini or dark undergarments.

Wait a minimum of 4 hours but we recommend at least 6-8 hours after tanning to give the DHA enough time to fully set. If you shower earlier, you may diminish the intensity of the tan.

You will be noticeable tanner after one session. but it may take additional sessions to achieve your desired color. Once you reach the color you desire you should be able to maintain it by tanning once or twice a week.

Yes, there is nothing in our spa solution that would prevent you from tanning in our tanning beds or the sun. In fact, a number of customers have found that tanning with UV rays and then our sunless solution gives them a better overall tan. If you do plan to use a tanning bed and the spray tan booth in the same day, we recommend that you tan in the tanning bed first. Remember however, that the sunless solution does not give you any protection from UV rays,so speak with our salon associates to recommend a UV tanning schedule based on your skin type.

Yes, our spray tan were designed specifically for individuals who have a hard time getting tanned.

No, not at all! In the past, most self-tanners were creams and lotions applied by hand. That meant inconsistent coverage. Excessive amounts applied in a single application can give an orange glow to the skin. Not enough lotion left unattractive streaks. Our technician applies our premium bronze solution and assures that all areas of the body get uniform coverage of the solution in the exact quantity required to produce a natural looking golden tan.

Some people's palms or feet take on more solution than the others' - It is important to apply barer cream to the hands (wrist down) and feet (ankles down) to prevent the dry areas from absorbing more solution. Barer cream is provided In the room complimentary. To remove staining, spread some lemon juice on stained areas, or you can use toothpaste (with teeth-whitener) rub it and work it into a lather on the stained areas to fade and remove any staining.